At Shabakkat, our family of professionals finds itself united through a set of values that define what we stand for and what our priorities are. They are a shared foundation that brings together our people and our business partners.


Innovation: We live in a fast moving world with ever-changing rules. We embrace technological progress and adapt our solutions to keep them relevant turning a technological challenge into a business opportunity.


Independence: As a solution provider and integrator, Shabakkat is strictly vendor-agnostic. Our professionals engineer solutions in response to business imperatives and functional requirements. We leverage our vendor relationships to the benefit of our clients, to provide cost-effective solutions and high levels of service.


Reliability: We always strive to deliver our services and solutions on time and on budget. Our expertise in managing large implementation or service contracts in difficult environment shields our clients from the complexity of the task. We deliver on our promises, consistently and in full.


Accountability: It is easy to empower professionals who demonstrate a high sense of accountability. In an organization such as ours, everyone takes responsibility for action and outcome. We own up to shortcomings should they occur and strive to make wrongs right to honor our obligations.


Excellence: Our commitment to quality and performance is unwavering, adhering to international quality standards and industry regulations as well as to physical and electronic security requirements.


Efficiency: Be it in our delivery of client solutions or in engineering the solutions, we ensure that our client’s legacy systems and infrastructures are used optimally and re-used whenever possible, that our solutions are scalable and upgradable, and that our managed services complement seamlessly those of our clients.