Value Added Services

To offset the slow decline of ARPUs and tap into the industry’s future growth arena, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) seek to gain relevance in the content value chain by offering popular Value Added Services (VAS) and Over-The-Top (OTT) content.

Shabakkat operations provide expert resources to help CSPs in enhancing their existing in-house VAS offerings. We help develop solutions that integrate with a carrier’s Billing, CRM, OSS and IN platform to build meaningful and market-relevant VAS services.


We also help CSPs in integrating their service delivery platform or their service delivery channels and legacy systems with the solutions of VAS providers.

Managed Hosting

Through Managed Hosting, Shabakkat helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to significantly speed-up and simplify the launch of innovative content-based services. We enable the management and delivery of services through hosting a content/service management platform that is seamlessly integrated with a CSPs delivery channels (SMS, MMS, others) and its business support systems.

This solution enables CSPs to do business with a multitude of content providers, value added service providers, and “long-tail” application providers, in a cost-efficient manner. CSPs no longer need to deploy up-front CAPEX, and rather partner with Shabakkat to reduce their risk, benefit from guaranteed service evolution, and avoid the pitfalls of complex integration between their platform and the platforms of value added service providers.

We offer a variety of hosted solutions which cover most of the VAS platforms including content management and delivery platforms.

The benefits of our managed hosting services are:

Seamless integration
Reduced total cost of ownership
Reduced time to market of content/services
Guaranteed service evolution
Flexible pricing model: Revenue-sharing, or fixed fee.