Network Audit and Consultancy

The proven expertise of our staff and our long experience of serving leading international players in the telecommunications industry enables us to provide targeted network audit and consultancy to Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Our portfolio of consultancy services is comprehensive and can be provided independently of our other services. It includes:

Network audits
Performing a network inventory, network quality and performance audits, network risk assessment, and revenue assurance audits.

Benchmarking KPIs of our CSP clients’ networks against their peers in the market.

Process engineering/reengineering
Designing and optimizing value-critical processes related to network provisioning, quality assurance, operation, maintenance, and evolution, as well as revenue assurance and fraud management.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) design/monitoring
Designing internal SLAs for CSPs or SLAs between CSPs and their service partners. We serve the interests of our Clients and their customers by ensuring that the SLAs are architected in a manner to provide the expected business value. We also monitor SLA compliance on behalf of CSPs.