Engineering and planning

In maturing or saturated markets, planning for network deployments or upgrades requires specific attention to reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) and optimizing operational expenditure (OPEX). As markets become more competitive and tariffs of basic connectivity services come under pressure, it is important for CSPs to maximize the efficiency of their network and their organization.

Shabakkat helps CSPs get the most out of their existing network assets. We help them seize opportunities to keep their CAPEX in check through network sharing, site co-location, and optimal engineering of radio, outside-plant, and backhaul infrastructure. Our aim is to provide our clients with an efficient infrastructure to provide to their customers a highly-available, reliable, and secure service.

Our Engineering and Planning services include:

Network design
Designing all segments – core, transmission, access – of the network of fixed and mobile CSPs in a manner to provide voice and data capacity swiftly and efficiently to serve their customers.

Service optimization
Enhancing customer experience by optimizing the performance of voice and data connectivity on all segments of our Clients’ networks.

Network upgrade
Engineering capacity upgrades on existing networks in a manner to avoid service disruption and realize value early.

Technology upgrade
Planning for the evolution of fixed and mobile networks towards next generation technology (LTE, FTTx, others) while maximizing the use of existing assets.

Revenue optimization and assurance
Planning the introduction of value added services, data products, and OTT applications on our customers networks in order to improve ARPUs.