Cloud computing

Shabakkat, through its subsidiary Advaltis, is a pioneering player in the Cloud Services arena. Enterprise cloud services are currently nascent in the Middle East and North Africa regions but their use is poised for high growth in the medium term, as reliable broadband connectivity becomes ubiquitous in the Enterprise segment.

Through the use of our cloud services, our clients can avoid investing into infrastructure and application CAPEX and manage, through virtualization, to better control their IT expenditures. Enterprises will have access, through a broadband IP connection, to a highly available and continuously upgraded IT environment provided using utility – pay per use – pricing.

Our cloud services are beneficial to large enterprises that use them to complement their IT infrastructure to meet seasonal demand or optimize cost. They are also beneficial to smaller enterprises (SMEs, SoHo) that prefer to avoid large capital investment and wish to have access to scalable cutting edge computing resources and applications fast.

We offer enterprises a wide range of cloud-based service offerings including:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): We provide enterprises with a virtual high-availability infrastructure. Through this service, our clients are offered storage or processing capacity on demand.
Platform as a service (PaaS): We provide our clients with a highly performing application development and testing environment on pay-per-use basis.
Software as a service (SaaS): Our infrastructure hosts the up-to-date version of leading CRM and ERP solutions that can be provided on subscription or pay-per-use basis.