Network Roll-out

Shabakkat has excellent credentials in rolling out fixed and wireless networks for Regional/Global Communication Service Providers (CSPs), whether LTE or earlier generation networks. We rely on expert resources on our team and on local subcontractors to rapidly deploy network capacity, perform technology upgrades, or network swaps. We deliver turnkey network rollout projects involving all segments of a CSP’s network: access, transmission and core.

Shabakkat helps operators build high capacity, secure, and stable networks while managing risks related to network roll-out effectively. With solid experience in installing and configuring equipment from leading manufacturers, we help CSPs in building high-performance, low-cost, and high-yield networks to support new service deployment. We also assist CSPs to meet the challenge of growing capacity demand triggered by the exploding data usage in both mature and emerging markets.

Our service offering includes

Management of procurement and logistics
Site survey, and support in acquisition and legalization
Civil works and power installation
Installation of switching, radio, and cabling equipment (multi-vendor)
Integration of multi-vendor platforms
Data migration
Supervision and quality control
Testing and commissioning